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Updated: Jun 25, 2023

The person who loves unconditionally you have placed on standby

They're only good enough when your type has made you cry

You can tell them you love them and it would be easy

But to say you're IN love would be telling a lie

See the person on standby is a national treasure

They're there when you feel like your life's under pressure

No matter the day or the hour

They're there to help get you out of bad weather

Your type showers you with gifts,

Wondrous trips,

Shoes, jewels, and outfits to match

But tell me this love can they tell you your favorite color

What about the things you want to do before becoming a mother

Can you express moments from your past and get feedback

Or are they too busy looking for the plug asking "Where the weed at"

You sit in the corner reminiscing on the past

Wishing you didn't give up on the best you've ever had

You go to hit them up and you realize it's too late

They went from your standby to someone else's mate

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