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Ride Along

Around the corner

Ten minutes away 

Hold on there’s traffic

Make that thirty instead

I don’t mind coming

It’s no bother at all

You called someone else

Were they there all along 

Give me a min

I can still make it

You don’t need me after all

But I answered your calls

When you lost your job

You called me

When you were sick 

You called me

When you lost your mom

You called me

I was along for every ride 

Is it only when you’re happy 

Is it only when you’re up

What kind of friend leaves you 

When you’re about to self-destruct 

You’ve called me in the bad

Seemed like I was all you had

You called me for the ride

Took the car and kicked me out

And now you’ve got a passenger

They lie, steal, and sell you out

When they leave it’s me you call

Your savior, your God, your all in all 

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