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Pen A Trait

If you let me pen a trait

I'll alleviate

All that frightens you

Make you into someone new

The best version from my view

When I get to pen a trait

Time to get elevated

No longer eliminated

New heights

No somber nights

Shine bright as nature's light

When I get to pen a trait

No longer frown

You’re all smiles

Your love will last for miles

No one can hold you down

Come, come I'll fix your crown

When I get to pen a trait

You're confident and ambitious

Creative and optimistic

Ain’t room for competition

You are the greatest blessin’

I'll erase all your aggression

When I get to pen a trait

Listen, hear me out

I won’t even use my mouth

Give my pen a chance

Let it do its dance

Allow me to pen a trait

That penetrates your soul

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