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Work Undone

Coming over with a bouquet of flowers

Staying on the phone for hours & hours

Never wanting to be without you

Stuck on you like gorilla glue

Seeing the world from your view

“Don’t worry baby I gotchu”

Cool breeze and candlelight

Long walks underneath the moonlight

Random gifts just because

You’re the one, you welcome my flaws

You deserve a round of applause

“I swear this ain’t just to get them drawers”

Time to go in & meet the parents

Get weighed down and accept these carats

So glad I’ve found you

It’s long overdue

Let’s pick a venue

“Yes I do”

One month, two months, three now four

Your jaw is crashing to the floor

No more nights of fire & passion

No more talks of love & compassion

Gone are the hours of sitting’ up & laughin’

“Next time you’ll learn from your actions”

Bring back the good old days

Beautiful memories now a haze

What changed from day one

Is this the new walk in the sun

All that hard work now undone

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Jun 04
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Very deep! I loved the wave of emotions I experienced while reading!

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