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My Heart's Desire

Am I no longer your heart’s desire

What must I do to put a spark in your fire

As the days go by I constantly think

“I wonder if I do this” and “I wonder if I do that”

Yes, you’ve brought the old me back

But you’ve also brought on the fact

That there’s something missing

Is it the lack of communication

Maybe it's physical attraction

Could it be that we’re slacking when it comes to the touching

And hugging, the kissing and loving

What is it ‘cause I know it’s something

And you can’t say it’s nothing ‘cause

If it’s nothing then it’s definitely something

Something like you were never in love with me

Something like you just settled for me

In all actuality, I’d rather it be something

Maybe then I’d know what to fix

Maybe then I’d know where I dropped the sticks

Just let me know am I still your hearts desire

And there’s still a way to ignite your fire

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