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Thug Series (Maybe)

As the sayin’ goes there’s level to this shit. I know what it’s like to start from the bottom and have to crawl, fight and kill in order to get to the top. I had to make executive decisions to get where I am today. Speakin’ of executive decisions I have to decide between blood family and drug family. Y’all excuse me for a second.

“Come on, Sarge. You gonna believe this muhfucka ova me? Sarge I been rockin’ wit you for years.”

“What the fuck does that matter? Yo man you my cuz. I’ve never given you a reason not to trust me. We go all the way back man.”

"Get off this nigga dick and be a man for once. Yeah he’s yo cuz, but I bet you wasn’t thinkin’ about family when you was over there tryna fuck his girl.”

I fired my gun in the air. I hate it when muhfuckas start snitchin’ on each other and sound like a couple of bitches. I already got the truth on both of these niggas, but I wanna hear what they say to see if they tell on themselves. I turned to my cousin.

“Dime, what was you doing at my place, man?”

“I went there ‘cause I got word you needed me to.”

“That’s true I did send you there to make sure nothing was up, but that doesn’t explain why you was tryna get at my girl.”

“Sarge, come on man. You know our taste in bitches is completely different. I went to make sure she was good and to make sure she ain been fuckin around on you. She was the one that told me that this nigga was tryna get a little side gig goin’.”

“Shut the fuck up, Dime!!!! You don’t know shit about me. Sarge you know the type of dude I am. I don’t have a reason to try and take a damn thing from you.”

I turned my attention to my goon, Saga. He was right. I do know him. Just like me, he started from the bottom and climbed his way to the top. As for my cousin Dime, he has been known to start shit and lie his way to the top. He was never the type to work hard for his shit.

“Look I don’t have all night. So I’m gonna make this real easy on myself.” BOOM! One shot and I put a bullet in Dime’s dick.

“AAHHH SHIT!!! What the fuck cuz?!!!”

“I always hit you where your problem stems from. First problem is you think wit ya dick. You wasn't tryna stop her from fuckin around on me. You was mad because she wouldn't fuck you so you raped her."

“Man is that what she told you? That bitch gave it up willingly."

"So you admit to fuckin' my girl. There's your second problem, yo dumb ass don't use yo head at all." BOOM! I shot him again, this time in his head. I motioned to my most loyal goons and told them to get rid of Dime's body. Saga was lookin' like his ass was off the hook, but little did he know his ass was bout to get handed to him too.

**This is completely out of my comfort zone BUT like away and comment for more**

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