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Sports Fathers

“Check this out man, when you come in the shop make sure your sports facts are straight,” said Zik, short for Issac.

“My facts stay straight, homeboy. If the players can’t get right, that's their problem not the coach’s problem.” Khalen sat up calmly making sure he was not the cause of his fresh lineup coming out like a zig-zag.

“How bruh?! The coach has a responsibility to make sure he explains the playbook to the players.”

“Responsibility? Zik you’re one weak man. A coach makes up the playbook and it is on the players to figure that shit out. Hell they’re the one’s on the field not the coach. ”

“It has nothing to do with who is on the field. A great coach knows the game inside and out. He’s been on the sideline watching from every angle. He’s the one looking to see what weaknesses the opposing team has and tells them what play to run to get right.”

“Yo Kam do you hear this man?” Khalen speaks to his barber, still careful not to move his head. “I gotta laugh at him ‘cause he really believes the shit coming outta his mouth. If you’re gonna play the game you need to know what you are getting yourself into. At the end of the day they’re the ones taking the hits, not the coach.”

“I keep forgetting how simple-minded this man is,” Zik says while adjusting the toddler boy over to his other knee. “That’s why you’ll never get anywhere. You’re the type of coach depending on your players to carry you for the rest of your life and that won’t happen. I don’t care how many coaches a team goes through, they’ll always pay homage to the one that took the most time in teaching them how to perfect their skills.”

“How much more do I have to do in order for him to pick up what I’m putting down bruh?! He was given the playbook and he still doesn't understand what the hell to do!”

“You gave up on him! That’s why he’s gone through three coaches in five years and now he’s got one that’s going to work with him to see every playbook through to the end. I’m the best and only coach he’s got!”

“Whatever Zik, I’m the original and I can’t be replaced.”

“It’s too late, Khalen,” Zik said, showcasing a wedding band.

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