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*EXPLICIT* First Time

Kameryn and I have been dating exclusively for a little over eight months now and It’s been nothing but amazing. We met back at a mutual friends house party and we’ve been inseparable ever since. Unfortunately for her I wasn’t in the best condition when we met. For most of the night I stayed in the corner just drinking whatever I could get my hands on. I was getting over a break up and thought that being out with some friends would ease my mind. It actually made things worse and made me think about it more. My memory became pretty hazy throughout the night, but I do remember Kameryn grabbing hold to my waist just when I was about to tumble down the stairs. When and how I got up there I have no idea. Anyways we locked eyes and she smiled this beautiful smile and asked me if I was okay. Just when I was about to answer I threw up on her red button down shirt. God how I wish I could forget that part, but I can’t. Even after that she stayed with me to make sure I was okay.

Although we aren’t officially a couple with a title, we don’t give anyone but each other all of our time. She wants us to have a title so bad, but I’m still not ready. Granted I care for and trust her tremendously, but there are still some things I chose not to tell her. A month after we met she had to leave for five months. She’s in the military and has been for five years now. So for the most part of our “companionship” it’s been spent through phone calls, video chats and letters. All in all things have been good, but there’s also something else she has been wanting from me that I’m just not ready!!! I’m twenty-seven and I have yet to have any forms of sex. Don’t get me wrong Kameryn has a banging body and I am extremely attracted to her, but I’m just afraid I’m not going to be any good. She’s had sex before so she obviously knows what she’s doing and knows what she likes. Hopefully I’ll get to talk to her about it tonight.

“Olivia baby you ready yet?”

“Yeah just putting on my earrings.” I took a step back to look at my slim thick milk chocolate frame in the mirror. Kam didn’t say where we were going so I put on a simple floral sundress and some sandals. My hair was already braided so I styled it in an updo and adorned my neck with my gold necklace. Kam came in with some dark rinse fitted jeans, a black v-cut shirt and some sneakers. I could see her well earned abs cutting through the shirt. Her long hair straightened and cascading down her shoulders. Good Lord she made the most basic outfit look so damn sexy. She came in for a kiss and I gave her a quick peck. I feel like tonight is the night she won’t ease up on this sex thing.

After a number of turns and traffic lights, we finally ended up at our location. She brought me to a sip and paint, a place I had been dying to go to for a long while. The whole time we did nothing, but smile and laugh. It was like time froze and I realized that I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else but her. Afterwards we went to grab a bite to eat. She made arrangements at a restaurant where we’d be sitting out on the patio alone with a three course candlelight dinner.

“Kam what’s all this about?”

“We’ve been away from each other for some time now and I thought this was the best way to really show you how much I missed you.”

“Thank you, but do I really deserve all of this?”

“Why wouldn’t you?”

“Look there’s something I have yet to tell you since we’ve been involved. The real reason none of my relationships lasted.”

“I thought it was because they cheated?”

“Yeah they did, but they only cheated because I never gave them any. I’m a virgin.” As soon as the words left my lips I instantly regretted it. My mouth became dry and my palms were starting to sweat. I went to reach for the bottle of wine but she took it away. She simply took me by the hand and said let’s go. Getting back in her car, the ride was silent with the exception of the wind whipping past us as she sped down the freeway. We pulled up to her place and went inside. Still holding my hand she led me to her bedroom and when I got inside my eyes instantly teared up. Her room was dimly lit with a variety of flower petals all over the bed and floors, soft R&B music playing throughout the room.

“I already knew you were a virgin Olivia. Yeah I’ve made mention of sex to you, but I noticed your body language whenever I did. That’s why I’ve never asked you for any pics or anything like that. I won’t force a relationship on you if that’s not what you want, but I would like you to experience your first time with me. It’s been eight months sex free and not once have I thought about being with another woman. I know you want to try it, but you're afraid.”

“How do you know that?”

“The way you look at me. You don’t realize it but I always catch you in a daze whenever I’m changing clothes. Well tonight is the night you’ll get to experience how passionate I am about you.”

“But I…” She placed her finger on my lips to silence me before I could speak another word. Bringing my face to hers she kissed my cheeks and then looked me in the eyes for a brief moment. She stepped closer to close the small gap I created between us and then she pressed her warm, soft lips against mine. We’ve kissed before, but this time was completely different. This time I felt a wave of shock go through my body. With every kiss she began to take off a piece of my clothing. The music was soothing me, but the gentle way she was touching me was causing a puddle between my thighs. Not missing a beat after removing her shirt, she slid her silky tongue inside my mouth causing me to moan into hers. It took her taking a break from kissing me for me to realize that I was now completely naked lying on her bed. Continuing to take off her clothes, she never took her eyes off of me. I was feeling vulnerable yet anxious for more. Coming back on top of me, she kissed from my neck, down my chest to my stomach. Her hands were roaming all over my breasts and occasionally gripping at my thighs. She began to go lower until she reached my aching center. With no warning I felt that same tongue that searched my mouth begin to lick and suck on my protruding pearl of satisfaction. My body instantly jolted and my mouth opened wide in the shape of an O. Kameryn was french kissing my warm box which was causing it to get hotter and hotter with every lick. Then I began to feel something I never felt. The walls of my vagina started clenching up and suddenly I got the urge to rock my hips against her face until I came. Trying to catch my breath, she came up to me with my juices on her face.

“Kiss it off.”

Those three simple words caused my pearl to jump again and I did as I was told. As we were kissing, I felt her finger slide inside of me and then another. My eyes clamped shut, I just enjoyed the feeling that was taking over me. I had one arm draped around her neck while the other was being used to prop me up on the bed. Making her fingers go in and out of me at a faster rate, I could do nothing but cry out in pleasure. It was feeling so good that I started clawing at her back and not once did she lose her rhythm. I was getting that feeling again, but this time I could really feel it in my stomach. I was coming again, but this time my legs were shaking uncontrollably. My body slumped backwards onto the bed and she removed her fingers from my leaking center. I could barely keep my eyes open, but just before they closed I managed to say, “My girlfriend just took my virginity.”

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