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Review: The Hot Box

Updated: Dec 23, 2023


Zane has us following the lives of two friends, Lydia and Melanie. Lydia spends her time balancing a love affair between two best friends. She claims one to be her man, but it's clear she has no desire to be committed to him or anyone else.

Whereas Melanie closed herself off ever since leaving her ex at the altar. She's invited to attend a party and learns that JaCour, her ex-fiance, will be there as well. So desperate to make him jealous, she asks a homeless man she just met to pretend to be her boyfriend. Melanie finds herself falling in love with Yosef (the homeless man), but also falling into familiarity with JaCour. Two friends are both in a love triangle trying to find a way out of their hot box.

My Review:

It may come off as a little biased because I love Zane's novels. I rated this book a five out of five. At the start, I didn't care to follow Lydia's story. She was out there living her "best life" and only cared about sex. At one point there was another guy that she got close to bringing her roster to three people. I was holding my breath and praying she didn't screw Milena over by sleeping with her ex-fiance. Granted they aren't together, but still, that was your homegirl's man. Lydia's ending though was a bit of a surprise. I honestly didn't see that coming.

Now Milena's story had my attention for sure! She was pulling this scheme off with Yosef. People had questions, but they could skate around them and move through the situation with ease. Milena was on cloud nine with him, but the familiar feel of JaCour still found its way to her core. I wanted to hop in the book and shake her myself. Like, MA'AM?!?! What are you thinking? I know you're not supposed to hang on to your past, but shouldn't you remember that way you never end up in the predicament? He came back talking about his money and compared her "region" to all the other women he's slept with. I don't know what part of that is supposed to make you wet between the legs, but girl. For years she lived like a hermit and stopped caring about herself, then all of a sudden she was back caring and falling for him. I think that's what annoyed me the most.


  1. If you dated someone homeless how would you bring that up to your friends and family?

  2. Would you fake a relationship in hopes of making your ex jealous?

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