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Big Booty


Cassandra AKA Big Booty is all about getting her money and sexed good. If they won’t dig in their pockets, they can’t dig in her guts. She doesn’t like drama, but it just loves her. 

My Review: 

I’m gonna keep it a buck with this one. I hated this book!! I only finished reading it because I started it and wanted to see it through. Well, that and I was hoping for a big dramatic turn that would push me to finish reading it. I don’t mind a book being raunchy and reaching a certain level of grit, but geez. From start to finish, this was nothing but black amateur porn in written form. The main character, Cassandra, swore throughout the whole book that she didn’t like drama. Truth be told she was the one stirring it up every time because she just “had to keep it real”. Then there’s the way she talked to and about her kids. Why would you compare your sons’ genitals to their fathers’? It’s disturbing and disgusting. 

It wasn’t until I reached the end that I learned this book was part of a series. At this point, I don’t care. I just don’t care to know what I missed or what happens later. I’ve read another book by the author, Cairo. I don’t know why he went this route, but it was 400+ pages of straight TRASH! I highly recommend you not waste your time, money, eyeballs, or ears if you decide to listen to it. 

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Thank you for your honesty lol!!

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