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Updated: Dec 24, 2023


Married to her business, Solay doesn't feel like a relationship is beneficial. Seeking only some sexual relief, she finds herself a Rent-A-Man. She felt it would help her mood and bring back the scandalicious creativity to her sexy dessert. Her business could have thrived more had she listened to her hired baker, Melanee. A quiet mouse in public, but a super freak in private. Now that Solay feels so awe-inspired by her new beau, what will that mean for her business if things become too personal?

My Review:

I couldn't stop reading this book!!! I honestly don't know where to begin with this one. I lied, I'll start with a minute (mi-noot) rant that I couldn't let go of. Brace yourselves. Now Solay's whole business was about selling these tasty treats with names that correlated to something of a sexual nature. Here are some of them as they are listed in the book;

Double Chocolate Decadence (chocolate cake and frosting), Red Hot Passion (red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting), and Vanilla Kiss (vanilla bean cake topped with hot pink butter cream.

Now y'all can tell me, does that sound like anything extreme, or like some basic cupcakes, you can get from your local grocery store? It was like she wanted the ambiance of the bakery to say sex and not the cupcakes itself. Here comes Melanee to save the day. She comes up with delicious ideas that not only keep up with the theme but also get people talking. Here are the ones she came up with;

Screamin' Orgasm (orange/ginger cupcake with tangy orange butter cream frosting, and Sexy Sins (a cinnamon bun cupcake). "I added cinnamon to our vanilla batter. I'm making a creamy glaze that will have cinnamon cake crumbles sprinkled on top."

It's pretty clear whose cupcakes sound better by the descriptions above. It wasn't until Solay overheard her employees talking about how maybe if she got laid, things would be different around the shop. And right they were. After she hooked up with Deon from Rent-A-Man, she suddenly became extra creative and added Pink Panties to the menu. I know it's petty but this little thing about the cupcakes was stressful to me. Don't sell me these sexed-up names and then give me something I can make at home. Give me something that beckons me to come back when I know I shouldn't. 🙄 Now that I have that out of my system😂, let's talk about the book itself.

I thought the merging of these characters could've been done a little better. There were three people's stories being told which were Solay, Melanee, and Lincoln. I couldn't figure out how or when they would come together. When they did it felt a little like an afterthought and kind of rushed just to make it connect before the book ended. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention one of my favorite parts of this book. While Solay was looking to relieve some tension and have some fun, she hit up Rent-A-Man again. She didn't get the first guy she had an encounter with, but she was open to someone new. He went by the name SpanishFly.

He wanted to start the night off with some foreplay and get her in the mood. This guy went from Magic Mike...

I don't think I'd ever laughed so hard but I enjoyed that epic date fail 🤣 . This is another book I recommend you check out. Please let me know in the comments if you think I'm overreacting about the cupcakes. Am I just greedy or do you also think that it was boring until Mel stepped in?

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