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Party Girl

Updated: Dec 24, 2023


Hope Donovan doesn't know what it means to move on. She has a problem with letting people go from her past. Things like who she threw the best party back in the day or who slept with whom during the football game. She struggles with seeing things for what they are NOW, but remembering what they once WERE. This very way of thinking lands her six years in prison for murder. Adena, the wife of the deceased man, wants true justice for Hope. She wants to see the life drained from Hope's eyes. Will Hope have to pay the ultimate price for revisiting some old friends or will life play in her favor and prove her innocent?

My Review:

I'd have to say that with these past few reads, I've been on a roll 🎲. This is the third book in a row that I've rated a 5/5. Hope had a problem with hanging on to her past. She wanted people to know she was still down and remember the old days. She wanted everyone to feel like they could have chance after chance. There's nothing wrong with that, but you have to become more aware of those things when you have a family. Had she listened to her husband and started cutting some people off, maybe things wouldn't have turned out how they did. Although six years of her life were taken from her, it ended up benefitting her in the end. While she was in there she was forced to think about the people she wanted to hang on to.

Her husband came to visit and discussed the case with her as well as filling her in on the day-to-day. When she couldn't see him, she'd call. Unfortunately, other women in her house answered some of those calls. Women she thought she could trust and never had to worry about. It wasn't long after she got in that the vultures and crows started to hover and get whatever information they could from her husband. Hope was learning that all company wasn't good company.

As for Adena, I don't think I've been more pissed with a character in a while. I understand she wanted justice for her husband, but she was going about it the wrong way. She was also on some political campaign BS and was gunning for death penalties to be dished out. That was until her law was about to be applied to one of her own. It wasn't until this detail came out that she wanted to hear Hope's story and find the actual truth. What would people think of her if she followed through with killing Hope and hiding her own?

While reading this it gave me a deeper insight into the saying, "Sweep around your own front door." Focus on the dirt at your house because you never know what you'll find when the dust settles. This is another book I highly recommend you read.

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