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Review: The Clique

Updated: Dec 23, 2023


A group of women joined together by drama, are in the fight of their lives. Their shared baby daddy, Spencer, is taken to jail and the kids are placed in custody. The person behind all of this madness is one of the girl's mothers. Fueled by her misguided hate for her biracial daughter, she is determined to make her life hell. Half of the women in the "clique" don't get along, but they have no choice but to band together. They need their kids back, get Spencer out of jail, and whatever money they can get to survive.

My Review:

I've had this book since I was in high school. I rated this book with two stars. I feel like it could have been better had there not been so many characters. It made it hard to keep up with who was who and which girl was with which guy. Also, some of the details of the drama were a bit too much to handle. I live for drama in books and giving backstories about some of the characters. Throughout this book, the author, Brandie, includes some gruesome details about some of the girls' pasts. I understand there will be things that happen, but it just left me feeling weighed down as I read it. Maybe some of you could handle it, but for me, this isn't something I want to keep on the roster.

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