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Review: Single Husbands

Updated: Dec 23, 2023


Honey B, AKA Mary B. Morrison, follows the lives of three married men. Three married men that feel because they did not explicitly say it in their vows, there is nothing wrong with them sleeping around with other people. Herschel only said I do to gain financial wealth from his wife. Lexington is a monetary father who believes he can do no wrong. If anything is to go wrong with the relationship, it is his wife's fault. Brian feels that he is in the clear because he is careful about not sleeping with the same woman twice. One night stand doesn't constitute cheating in his mind. These "single husbands" only care about their egos being stroked and that nothing matters as long as they return home to their wives.

My Review:

I initially gave this book three stars, but now I want to change it to 3.5. Honey B started this book off with the question, "Is there a loophole in wedding vows?" Going with the standard vows, the list that trips most people up is the; "in sickness and health, for richer or poorer, and joy as well as sorrow." A lot of people say it because it sounds nice, but when those times come, there are a lot of arguments and struggles. More people started to write their vows to avoid these promises. As I read this book, it led me to believe why a lot of people feel like marriage is just words on paper.

I changed my rating of this novel because her questions about the vows did get me to think about marriage as a whole. What are the right questions to ask before taking that leap? These men cared nothing about their kids or their wives. Everything was about their self-image and their feelings. Lexington's wife gave up on herself and their marriage because of him. He never talked to her about her dreams and the things she wanted but dared to get mad that she didn't want to have sex with him at the drop of a dime. Herschel only cared that his wife remained successful so that he could reap the benefits and use that for gifts on his sneaky link. Brian's marriage was the most strange to me of all. He and his wife planned these nights to give themselves to each other intimately and fully. They believed it kept them close without having it all be about sex. One night Brian is the focus and the other night his wife is. Even with all of that, HE STILL CHEATED!

All in all, Single Husbands was filled with selfish, sex-crazed married men who justified their cheating through what they called a loophole in their vows. Everyone's time was wasted and no one could be trusted. The ending pissed me off because Brian didn't get what he deserved. I understand showing a different perspective for each situation or individual, but damn!


  1. Would you change from the traditional vows or keep them?

  2. What are the best things to discuss before marriage?

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