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Hittin' the Bricks

Updated: Dec 23, 2023


Eva Patterson was never given a chance at life. Her dad was killed on the job and her mom fell in love with a drug dealer and his drugs. She shared that "love" with Eva and the troubles began to set in. Once she finally kicked the habit, life started looking up. She got a modeling gig and found a good man to love her. But there's something about family that you have to be careful of. Fiyah, her cousin, made a deal with the devil. He felt he was justified for setting her up the way he did and others needed to hear his story. This left Eva to be the sacrifice and us wondering how strong of a woman she had to be. Will she come out of this stronger than before or will she end up hittin' the bricks?

My Review:

As you can see, my last review was a book written by Noire. I loved that one so much that I had to read another one right after. Just like the last book, I also rated this one a 5/5. It's been a while since I've been brought to tears by a book. Although this book had some disturbing details, something about how it was written didn't make me feel as bad as the other reads. The author made sure that the purpose of such gory details was fitting to the story and not just thrown in to take up space. It didn't feel overdone like she had to prove she was the grimiest writer out there.

Eva was living with her aunt and Fiyah because she was looking for a way out from her past. She held up her end by making sure she helped with some bills and did not want to be a burden. Fiyah however could barely do the little that his mother was asking. How is someone comfortable with watching someone else help out their parent while they sit back and do nothing? Fiyah was so selfish! All he could think about was rapping and who could get him on the scene. He wanted to become the next big thing and flex so bad. There's nothing wrong with that, but if you don't have any other avenues other than selling out your family...that's messed up.

All Eva did was ask him to go with her and check on her mom. How was she to know things would take a turn? How do you blame someone for something that was out of their control? Fiyah made Eva feel so bad for as long as he was locked up. She always came to visit trying to figure out how she could fix things and repair the relationship. I didn't expect the ending to be what it was, but Noire didn't disappoint. I highly recommend you read this and the previous Unzipped.

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