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My day has been nothing but hell since this morning. My mother’s neighbor called me to tell me that my mom has been in the hospital since Monday. It's Friday and I’m just now hearing about this. I wish I could go home, but traveling to Florida from California wasn’t going to be a drive up the street. I tried calling my family to get more info, but no one was answering. I called my wife hoping that she would help me keep my cool. She didn’t answer my call either. Probably out with some friends of hers.


“Yes, Mr. Chesterfield?”

“Where is that presentation I asked for?”

“What presentation, sir?”

“I emailed you an hour ago. I need that presentation done by tomorrow afternoon.”

“With all do respect sir I have some personal matters I need to deal with. Can you assign it to someone else?”

“Damn your needs, Ty! You work for me not the other way around. I don’t care how you get it done, but I’d better have it sent to my email by noon tomorrow.”

Deciding not to show my colors or my ass, I retrieve my suit jacket and inform my secretary that I’m calling it an early day. I get to my 2015 Cadillac CTS and try calling my wife again. I still get no answer. Candace hardly ever ignores my calls so she must be doing something important. When I pull up to my three story home, I notice a strange van parked out front. I don’t remember calling for any work to be done today. I took a look inside the car, but there was nothing there. I walked up to my door and noticed that the door was cracked open. I walk in slowly, afraid that there would be a surprise attack. Stepping on toys, it dawned on me that my kids weren’t home. It’s Friday and they usually didn’t stay a full day at school. I go into the kitchen and there’s a pot boiling on the stove.

Somebody’s here, but the house is too quiet. As I head upstairs to the second floor, where the bedrooms are, I can hear a squeaking noise. The only thing that makes that noise in this house is my bed. Oh my God, what if my wife is being raped and my kids are tied up and being forced to watch? With that though in mind, I go to the closet and grab my titanium baseball bat. As I get closer I hear the headboard hitting against the wall, but this time I can hear the sounds of pleasure coming from the room. A sound that I’ve been hearing for all of ten years. It’s Candace expressing how good this person feels, how she’s loving it and wanting more. I peak in the room and see clothes surrounding my california king bed. I can hear the growls coming from the guy putting in work with my wife. I burst through the door only to see the unimaginable. Candace is tied to the bedpost giving away my most precious gift to my frat brother, Brian.

“What the fuck is going on bruh?” Before I could stop myself I hit him in the back with the bat. I used to play baseball so I got a good swing.

“Ty, baby what are you doin’ home so early?”

“I’m baby now? Candace what in the hell are you doing sleeping with Brian? My best man? The godfather to our kids?”

“I can explain.”

“Start talking dammit!” Brian was trying to get up and I kicked him in the jaw. I looked at the two most important people in front of me, that were the first to betray me.

“Ty I just wanted to know if there was something wrong with me. You don’t touch me anymore and I was beginning to feel like you didn’t love me anymore.”

“That’s bullshit and you know it. What if our kids came home instead of me? Then what?” After a minute of thinking and catching my breath, all I could do was laugh. I grabbed a duffle bag and started throwing her things inside.

“Ty what’s so funny? Why are you packing my bags?”

“You’re getting out of MY house. You can’t stay here and mess up what I built. I hope you and BRIANNA have a good life.”


“Oh I didn’t tell you. Brian used to be Brianna back in high school. I promised I wouldn’t tell because it wasn’t my business and he confided in me about it in college. What the hell though, right? What’s vows and promises mean to y’all?”

Candace screamed bloody murder causing Brian to come back to reality. Although it was at my expense, I’m glad I still got the last laugh.

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