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Who Am I?

Updated: May 13, 2023

I am a parent, a teacher

A sister, a brother

A preacher, a stylist

An artist, a lover

I am an all-time friend

I am a beacon of light

But you'll never know that because I am covered by white

I am covered by white lies and scandals

Covered by white hands of anger

I am covered by white envy and fear

I am covered by fake white bitter tears

I am covered by green grass and dirt

I have now become part of the earth

I am covered because my skin is not pure white

So I'm ignored like the shadows in the night

Who am I?

I am only the most hated race

I am the race that's the hardest to face

I am the race that makes the world go round

But I am also the race they don't want to make a sound

I am a woman pulling over for a traffic stop

I am a young boy playing wanting to be a cop

I am a man that abides by the law

I am a man that wanted to go out for a jog


I am a BLACK man

I am a BLACK woman

I am a BLACK child

I AM BLACK…and I'm dying for it

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