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Review: Close Quarters

Updated: Dec 23, 2023


Although she is living in Close Quarters with another man, Milena is ready to walk down the aisle with Ellis, a wealthy, driven businessman. Seemingly put together, his problem is that he's a mama's boy. Nothing she does is ever wrong even when it comes to her butting in their relationship. Ellis believes Milena is the one for him as long as she does everything that pleases him. That includes moving out of her shared apartment with her roommate Malik. Milena doesn't like the way he sleeps with multiple women and that she can hear it, but she can't ignore how comfortable she can be around him. They dance around the obvious chemistry trying to respect what each person wants out of life. That's until their wants change and become undesirable.

Close Quarters

My Review:

This was my second time reading this novel and I gave it three stars. It took me a little time to get into it, but once I did it flowed. I do have to say though that Shamara Ray, the author, definitely had me talking out loud at certain points. That's one thing I love about a good book. I want to talk out loud about the characters and the craziness we have to put up with them. Both Melina and Ellis are business owners. So to know no one was after the other for money was a breath of fresh air. Even though Melina could handle her own, Ellis still saw to it that he took her on extravagant dates, included her in his business soirees, and brought her gifts. That's cool, but where's the fun? He's so stiff and stuffy. Let's not ignore the way he turns into Ray Charles when Milena wants to discuss how his mother treats her. On top of that, the wasn't good in bed either and I doubt she could get him to try anything new.

Now that doesn't mean Malik was perfect. He had his flaws, but he was still honest in letting females know he wasn't interested in a relationship. I can respect anyone who will tell a person upfront what it is. If they decide to catch feels and waste their time, that's on them. Malik's problem was he talked too much. My folks always taught me, "Don't let your left hand know what your right hand's doing." He started sleeping with a co-worker (never a good idea) and started getting a little too comfortable. He started letting her in on his plans and she used that against him. I understand wanting to confide in someone, but not the person who is only around for sex.

It was worth the second read, but I don't think I'll be keeping it on the shelf. I will however give Shamara's other novels a chance.

  1. Does your person HAVE to live alone while y'all are dating or can you deal with them having a roommate?

  2. How much of an opinion are your family/friends allowed to have in your dating life?

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