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Loner ABCs

After hours and hours of crying, I finally pull myself together. Breaking down won’t help anything go back to normal. Countless times I’ve replayed the horrific events in my mind. Drained from all the crying, I grab a bottle of water to drink. Everybody’s gone…everybody. Family, friends, frenemies, and foes are all gone. Great waves of fear, anger, and pain overcome me all at once. Hoisting myself up from an unknown bed, I begin to wander around the house. I look in the drawers to see if there are any clothes to fit me.

Just after pulling the shirt over my head, I stare at my reflection in the mirror. Knowing that I’m all I have sends a sharp pain through my chest. Living alone was once a dream, but not like this. Mankind had been wiped from the face of the earth, yet I was made to stay here. Nearing the kitchen, I imagine seeing him cooking in the kitchen. Organizing the cabinets, while the kids made a mess at the kitchen table. Putting pressure on my temples, I force myself to stop living in the past. Questioning how I’m supposed to live like this spirals my mind into a whirlwind of thoughts.

Reaching into the fridge, I grab a bottle of cheap alcohol. Sitting on the table I guzzle the remainder of the pain-numbing poison. There has to be someone else out there. Under no circumstances would I have wished to be this isolated. Various memories cloud my mind as I stare into oblivion. Who’s to blame for such a casualty? Xenophobic people for spreading their hatred and being bold enough to act on it. Years of killing no matter how hard we tried to change the narrative. Zero of my questions will be answered.

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