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I'm Addicted!!!!

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

My true passion for writing first started with my love for reading. I began with Archie Comics, then moved to Disney books like That's So Raven. As I aged up, my reading interest became different. While in middle school, young adult and teen fiction like The Bluford Series and Drama High by L. Divine became my favorite. The author had some discussion questions at the back of the Drama High Series. I found myself talking to no one and getting into it. I started thinking about myself in the character's situation and how I would handle things. I thought I was at the height of my reading peak...OH BUT THEN!!! I was introduced to Zane 👀🙈

I'll never forget the day my eyes saw such beautiful, vulgarity on a page. My sister asked me to go to her room and grab her book off the bed. I'll never forget which book it was, Zane Sex Chronicles II: Gettin' Buck Wild. I was with her when she bought it and didn't care to look because I had the books that I wanted. That night curiosity got the best of me. I opened the book to a random page and...

My little heart ❤️ could handle what was coming off of those pages. I had heard people talking like this and for years my eyes were covered from seeing those scenes in movies, but to READ it. It was another experience for me. Now I know it's going to sound like I was fresh at a young age, but I promise I wasn't. My brain just tweaked to another level and I was able to visualize the words much clearer for some reason. I found myself talking aloud when there was a plot twist and I argued with the characters like it was me in the situation. Something just hit different and I wasn't able to go back. I was able to escape to a different world and live a different life through these books.

Whenever I find myself stumped with my creativity, I pick a new book and see what it is I could be missing. Am I not describing the scene enough or am I describing too much? Do I have too many characters? What is their voice? I think about the reaction that I have to the novels I read and try to figure out how I can create that same feeling in my work. I guess you can say I study a lot because I can't stop buying books. I have a closet full and had the nerve to buy a bookshelf so that I could buy more. What you see in the pics above isn't even HALF of what I own. Then I have the nerve to make a list of other books I want to buy 🤦🏾‍♀️.

Anyways I'll be sharing my addiction with you guys so I'm not on this journey alone. Check out some of my latest reads and don't be afraid to suggest some of your own.

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