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How Did I Get Here?

Normally when people ask me this I go wayyyy back to my childhood, but who really cares to know my life that far back? Seriously would anyone like to know? No? Aiight cool...MOVIN’ ON!!! Truth is it all started with..."The sun was setting and life was just about to get good." This simple line from a high school english class is what stirred everything up. When my teacher gave me the paper back he was practically gushing about how good it was. He couldn’t stop saying that he loved how far I took it and the strong imagery. Sidenote I’m very weird with compliments so I didn’t allow this to go to my head. In fact I felt like I was an underdog. So many other people shared a love for it and were working on different stories and poems every other day. I felt like I only loved to read, but something about that story would not leave me alone. I went home and over time I turned that one liner into 47 pages worth of a story.

Years later my sister said that I should submit it to this publisher and see what they thought. I was nervous as hell because I never had anyone outside of my friends read my work. Fast forward and I was offered a contract to be that bih lol. Well I didn’t sign it. Stupid me I know and at the time I was about 19 when I got it. Talk about the bank I could’ve had. Why didn’t I sign you ask? Simple...I was 19 and had no understanding of what was in the contract. I asked a lot of people for help and to point me in the right direction, but I was left in the cold. *Shrugs* Oh well life goes on. More time passed and I started writing more things. I took another chance and posted it to this website for whomever to read. BOOM!! My email was booming with comments, likes and follows. People were asking for more, getting upset that I hadn’t posted, etc. This gave me so much confidence it was crazy.

I have never been good at expressing myself so writing was a way for me to do that. I could create whatever little scenarios in my mind and take it in whatever direction I wanted to. Things I felt I couldn’t discuss with anyone I turned into an amazing story. Now I’m here challenging myself and trying to exceed the limits I placed on myself. I’m here to write something other than love stories. Whenever I'm inspired I want to write poems that make people think and feel something. I’m here to share parts of me in hopes that you all accept me for me. I’m here hoping to make connections with others through my writing. This is me and I AM HERE!

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