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Crazy In Love

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

It’s been awhile since I’ve been home to see my family for the holidays. I’ve been so busy traveling and getting my career off the ground that I haven’t made any time for them. I actually have myself to blame for that because I’ve gotten so deep into this that I’ve lost myself. You see I’m a singer and I’ve been on tour singing backup for some of the greatest people known to man. I’ve sang behind John Legend, Adele, Toni Braxton , Jidenna and Jhene Aiko to name a few. I caught my first big break when I had to sing all the background vocals because the other members had gotten too drunk the night before. The crowd was feelin’ me, Jhene was feelin’, it was a great feeling. Ever since then she was working with me and I eventually had a hit single and an EP come out while I was on tour. My fan base grew overnight and the ladies...THE LADIES!!! They were pouring in nonstop and I couldn’t control myself. One after the other they were just all over me. That was over two years ago and I’m just now getting home to be with the one’s I truly love.

The tour was over and it was time that I went home and surprised the folks. Pulling up to the two-story brick home and seeing the door adorned with a fall wreath gave me such a warm feeling on such a cold night. There were cars parked everywhere so I knew all the family had come for Thanksgiving dinner. I couldn’t wait to see the surprised look on everyone’s face and I especially couldn’t wait to get my grub on. I went to knock on the door, but I quickly realized no one would hear it over the music and sounds of laughter. I rang the doorbell instead. My heartbeat loudly in my ears as I heard someone approaching to answer the door.

“Happy Thanksgiving Pops!”

“Nhasir?! What are you doing here?” His expression wasn’t what I thought it would be. It was shocked, but in a way that was more confused and scared than excited.

“I’m surprising y’all for the holidays. It’s freezing out here man let me in.”

“Nhasir I don’t…” before he could get his sentence out I had already pushed past him. Walking into the dining room everyone was still talking until they noticed me standing in the doorway. Everything got so quiet that you could hear a piece of hay as it hit the floor.

“SURPRISE!!! Bet y’all didn’t think you’d see me this year huh?” Everyone continued to stare at me in shock. What was going on?

“Why’s everybody so quiet?” The woman stopped and followed everyone’s eyes to me. She was more beautiful than I last remembered. “Nhasir?! What are you doing here?”

“Oh baby I missed you.” I walked up to hug and kiss her but I was stopped by a man a few inches taller than me. His bronze chiseled face glaring down at me like I was some crazy homeless man. “Razi who is this dude and why is he all up in my face?”

“He’s my fiance Nhasir.”

“Your fiance?!” Her words falling from her lips chagrined me deeply. “What you talkin’ about fiance? You cheating on me?”

“CHEATING?! Jacari and I have been together for two years and engaged a few months now. You and I were done a long time ago.”

“What you mean we’re done? Baby I love you.” I stared around the man into her eyes and looked deep within her soul. She’s the only woman that had truly seen me naked and not just in a physical sense, but emotionally and mentally. I knew that this all had to be some sick cruel joke. She shifted her weight to her right leg and I saw something that almost made me faint. She realized what I saw and moved backwards. “Are you pregnant, Razi?”

“Yes she is and I think it’s best that you leave now!” Her manservant spoke up for her causing my body to become heated.

“I ain’t talkin’ to you bruh! You the one that needs to leave. This is family business man.”

“Nhasir this isn’t your family it’s mine!” Razi screamed out in frustration as her mother went to her side to calm her down. “Nhasir you’re crazy. You and I haven’t been together in over seven years now. We broke up on the tour because you were extremely jealous and controlling. You could do whatever you wanted and I couldn’t. I loved you but you caused me to go into a deep depression thinking that I’d never be good enough. Jacari shows me that I’m more than good enough. We are in love and starting a family. You and I are done! WE...ARE...OVER!”

She said the words slowly making sure I heard every letter of every word. All I could think about was the times we shared while on tour together and how beautiful her voice was. Before I could get another word out I felt a pair of hands grabbing my arms back. I had gone through this before so I slowly knelt down and surrendered. The police were here to take me back home...back to the doctors and “ease-your-mind” drugs. What was I thinking, I should have never came back. I wasn’t ready yet...she wasn’t ready.

“Okay Razi, I hear you. I’ll go back and try again for you and once I’m all better maybe we can start our own band with the kids. You know keep it in the family. Remember babe I’m crazy with love for you.”

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